Older Puppies and Dogs

ILUB offers older pups, the ages start at 10 weeks. If you are looking for an older puppy or adult dog, please fill out an application and note what you are looking for. We will hold the application until one is available. 

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Tessa is a 6 year old Multigenerational Labradoodle.  She loves to swim and go on car rides. Tessa shows her love by smiling and snuggling up with her family.

She does have a higher energy level. On a scale from 1-5 her level is around a 4.

She has not been around cats. 

She has her OFA certifications and genetic testings as well. 


Ollie is a Multigenerational Labradoodle. She is under 2 years old. She loves to play and loves the water. Her family is looking for a great home.  

She is cream with light apricot spots.Her weight is around 60 pounds.

Picture coming soon