Reservation List Open

Puppy pick goes by the order of deposit. 

Example: First deposit has 1st pick, 2nd deposit has 2nd pick etc.


Fendi is a multigenerational labradoodle. She is 48 pounds. She is excellent at agility and loves to swim.

She will be bred to Bubba at the end of June 2020.


Bubba is a Multigeneration


He is70 pounds. He is in Nose Work classes to become a search and rescue  K9!

Stud (not for sale)

Dam's and Sire's


Zuma is a 60 lbs Multigeneration Labradoodle.

Dam (not for sale)


Lilly is an F2b 

She is 58 pounds. Active hunter. Loves to swim and give big hugs!

Dam (not for sale)


Tessa is a 56 lbs Multigeneration Labradoodle. She has light colored eyes. 

Dam (not for sale)



My happy hunter! He loves to hunt. He weighs around 52 pounds.  He's the best! Our STUD 

Sire (not for sale)



is an Australian Labradoodle. She weighs around 30 pounds. She has silky hair, very well mannered and loves to play fetch.

Dam (not for sale)


is  an

 Australian Chocolate labradoodle. She weighs 39 pounds. 


Picture coming soon

Not from San Antonio?

We want our puppies to go to loving forever homes, wherever that may be. Therefore we are willing to travel up to 150 miles from San Antonio for puppy delivery (no additional fee). 

Please note that puppy pick will go by order of the deposits.

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