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About Us


About I Love U Back Labradoodles

I am a certified dog trainer and certified in AKC Breeding, AKC Whelping & Intervention, ABC'S of Dog Breeding, Genetics Part 1 & 2 and an active Avidog Associate Breeder. My love for dogs has inspired me to become a full-time breeder/owner. I intend on improving the Labradoodle breed by using knowledge years of experience with dogs and science. I have a passion for dogs but an obsession with Labradoodles! I will not stop learning about the breed until there is nothing new to explore.


I Love U Back's top priority is the health of the Sire, Dam and pups.

My promise to you: I will always do my very best, placing healthy pups in a happy, nurturing forever home. 



-Mel M.

Our Team

What does "I Love U Back" mean?

After a long day of work when you get home, your dog runs to you and is ecstatic to see you. This is their way of showing that they love you back. 


We put our time, energy, love and effort into our dogs and although they can't vocalize their appreciation, looking into a Labradoodle's eyes they seem to tell us, "Thank you, I love u back."

A little about labradoodles...

Above is an Animal Planet feature about the labradoodle breed

I Love U Back puppy skill-building video

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