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Puppy Pricing & Requirements


Below are the requirements to secure a new puppy. We require an application, signed contract, and deposit to secure your spot on the waitlist. 


We ask that a brief application is provided for placement of a new pup. This will benefit both the new owner and pup. If for some reason your application is denied you may try again in 12 months.



Everyone is required to sign a contract for purchase. 



A $300.00 non-refundable (but transferable) deposit is required for purchase. If you choose to pay a deposit before the application is approved, your name will automatically go on the puppy reservation list and secure your spot. If your application is denied I will instantly refund your deposit. 


A puppy will be chosen by receiving of deposit order. (Example:1st deposit gets 1st pick)

I do my best to match what you may be looking for in a pup to help with selection.

I never advise basing a puppy pick on looks alone. Each pup is an individual and should be sought out by temperament, sociability, energy level and character. If we don't have a good match, your deposit can be transferred to future litters (up to 3 transfers).


In addition to your new puppy, you will receive: 

Worming and first distemper/parvo vaccination

Puppies' first shots will be administered before puppy goes to their new home. 

Registered microchipping

Your new puppy will be sent home with a microchip at 8 weeks. Microchipping is important in case you ever lose your puppy, (s)he will always have your information with them.

Early Neurological Stimulation Testing and Results

Beginning at three days after birth, each puppy is trained daily to ensure proper neurological development. Early neurological training helps to improve cardio vascular performance, build stronger heart beats and adrenal glands, gain more tolerance to stress and a greater resistance to disease. 

Early Scent Introduction Puppy developmental exercises

Between three days to sixteen days, puppies are introduced to three to five different scents daily in order to help develop puppies' sensory function. The training is also helpful if you plan to use your dog for bird hunting retrieval, nose work, K9 or service work. 

Vet Check Results

Puppies will be taken to the vet between 6 and 7 weeks to get their routine health check and their first set of vaccines. 

Early potty training

Puppies begin potty training at the beginning of three weeks. We introduce pups to an area just for potty. The play area will remain clean at all times so pups begin to seek the "potty area" when needed. This makes potty training at their forever home much easier. 

Progress folder

From the day you have chosen your puppy to the day puppy goes home, photos and weekly reports are sent to new owners. 

^ Click here for more info about our health warranty! ^

New Owner Coaching by ILUB Labradoodles

Mel at ILUBL is a certified dog trainer, we provide answers to the questions you may have about owning a new puppy to help you get started! 

A healthy, stable puppy individually matched to you and your family

After filling out the questionnaire, we help new owners in choosing which puppy will fit best with your family. 

New Puppy Starter Pack

Puppy information book, puppy blanket, toy, and starter food included with all above items. 

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Australian Labradoodles


Multigeneration Labradoodles


plus tax


Zuma's $3,200.00


Deposit required: $300.00



We accept cash only 
for final payment.

No pup will be 100% potty trained by 8 weeks (going to a new home) as some breeders will make a false statement to sell a pup.

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